OptionTutor™ teaches you how to determine the fair market price - and consider the risks of - stock and index call and put options. It provides a series of lessons that progressive add detail to simple, intuitive pricing. This allows you to understand how an option works without having to understand the details of the complex mathematical models used by the OptionPeer program.

OptionPeer™ is a Windows program that calculates options values, and lets you see how a possible investment would gain or lose value over time, and with changes in the stock or market index price. It is a companion to the OptionTutor lessons, and continues to be useful in helping you to analyze your trades after completing the tutorial lessons. Entering information is simple, and the program provides graphs and tables of your investment that are easy to use and provide quick, intuitive displays of an investments potential and pitfalls.

OptionTutor with OptionPeer is the only product that can quickly teach the individual investor all that is needed to beign trading options for profit or for portfolio protection during volatile markets.

OptionPeer is based on the Black-Scholes option pricing model, which provides reasonnable fair market prices for the individual investor.

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