Why is this product priced at only $22 ? You are getting a quality product at "Internet" pricing.

We added this explanation because we have received email questions asking if this is a "cheap product with little capability". No, it is quite capable. We price it so you can make an quick and low-risk purchase decision. Our customers agree... 

Customer testimonials:
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"I really enjoy your software and tutorial. It was well worth every penny I spent on it - you could [...sell this software for much more...] but you chose not too. Thanks for a superb product at a very reasonable price!!!
19 Aug 1998

"Great program! Great price!"
30 Oct 1999

"Excellent product, great price!  Plus, a web site that is easy to use."
23 Jan 2000
The market for this product is a lower volume specialty segment, and would warrant a higher price to cover development and support costs. However, we use a low-cost, secure credit card processing agent and have all-electronic Internet distribution that reduces production, distribution and administrative costs. This allows us to offer you a great value price for our product -- a quite capable graphics-based program and a complete on-line tutorial. If you want to pay more for a printed tutorial, you can print it yourself from your web browser program and pay for the ink/toner and paper in your printer.

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