Can an individual investor learn about Options investing with simple and straightforward terminology? Within reasonable time at your own pace?

OptionPeer with Optiontutor presents investing stock and index options, so you can:

  • Earn extra income on stocks you already hold;
  • Insure the stocks that you own against unexpected market declines;
  • Insure your short-sales against sudden market rallies;
  • Find conservative or agressive option strategies that match your risk temperment;
  • Find profits when the market seems to be going nowhere.
    OptionPeer™ is a MS-Windows™ graphical application with an extensive on-line help facility. It allows you to enter market information and apply strategies, to see the resulting option prices with potential gains or losses - that include the cost of your broker's commissions. It works along with the tutorial lessons, and thereafter as a valuable tool for successful options trading.
    OptionTutor™ is an on-line instructional workbook (180+ pages in printed form) that you read with a web browser. It teaches you terminology, option pricing, conservative & aggressive strategies, order placement, and account management, in a simple manner easily understood by the individual investor.

    This complete package is an educational software product at an unbeatable price: only $22. Within minutes, you can purchase and download over the Internet Web and install on your own personal computer. Gotham Options offers a 30-day full-refund guarantee so you are assured complete satisfaction.
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